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Unified API

Solace’s unified API is what makes Solace’s high-performance messaging solution a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your data distribution needs. It provides robust and uniform client access to all of Solace’s capabilities and qualities of service across appliance and virtual message routers.

Server Applications

  • C:Low-level threadless API that lets developers use any threading model. Available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and AIX.
  • JMS:Supports JMS 1.1 including queues and topics, and provides an admin console for managing the JMS Provider and JMS managed objects accessible via JNDI.
  • Java:100% pure Java, with support for reliable and guaranteed messaging.
  • Java-Real-Time-Optimised (Java-RTO):JNI-wrapped version of Solace’s C API for low-latency Java applications , supports reliable and guaranteed messaging.
  • .NET:Simple interface to reliable and guaranteed messaging services for server applications built with .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic.
  • JavaScript:Supports server applications developed in Node.js.
  • Inter-Process Communicatons (IPC) for ultra-low-latency C and Java applications deployed within a single server

Web Messaging Technologies

Solace provides several APIs that help developers add HTTP streaming and general messaging capabilities to browser-based and mobile applications with support for transports such as WebSocket, COMET and long polling. To learn more about Solace’s web messaging architecture and capabilities read this Web Messaging Concepts Guide.

  • JavaScript/HTML5:Dynamic and downloadable for running in web browsers and mobile application frameworks.
  • Objective C:Enables streaming and general messaging to iOS applications designed for iPhones and iPads.
  • ActionScript:Enables streaming and general messaging to applications built with Adobe Flash and Flex.
  • Silverlight:Enables streaming and general messaging to applications built using Microsoft Silverlight.
  • .NET:Simple interface to messaging services for desktop applications built with .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic.

Open Protocols and APIs

  • MQTT:Solace supports the OASIS MQTT 3.1.1 standard to meet the needs of connected devices and mobile applications that need an efficient way to send and receive information that requires very little bandwidth, client-side processing power and/or bandwidth. The Solace message router works with any third-party MQTT3.1.1 compliant client API, including open source APIs available via an Eclipse initiative called Paho.
  • REST:The Solace REST Interface allows HTTP clients to send and receive messages with a Solace message router using HTTP POST requests. This enables REST clients to send messages to and receive messages from any Solace message router clients. Learn more.
  • JMS: Solace supports persistent and non-persistent JMS. Client applications connect to Solace like any other JMS broker so companies whose applications are struggling with performance or reliability issues can easily upgrade to Solace’s hardware. Learn more.
  • OpenMAMA: The Open Middleware Agnostic Messaging API (OpenMAMA) is a lightweight vendor-neutral integration layer for systems built on top of a variety of message orientated middlewares. With unified support for many different kinds of data distribution in a compact, cost-effective platform, Solace’s platform is the ideal foundation for OpenMAMA-based market data distribution systems. Learn more.