• Message Routers
  • Types of Data Movement
  • Advantages
3560-frontThe Solace 3560 message router is the highest performance data movement technology available, with the capacity and robustness to support the most demanding enterprise messaging, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things applications.
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3530-frontThe Solace 3530 message router offers real-time data movement capabilities in a compact, easy to use form factor that cost-effectively meets the needs of mid-sized businesses, multiple departments and remote datacenters.
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  • Reliable Messaging: Solace message routers offer best-effort message delivery with consistently low latency even at very high volume.
  • Guaranteed Messaging: Solace uses a patented message queuing approach that enables guaranteed messaging an order of magnitude faster than software-based alternatives.
  • JMS: Solace’s supports persistent and non-persistent JMS messaging with better performance, robustness and scalability than software-based brokers.
  • IPC: For scenarios where multiple applications run in a shared server environment, Solace supports IPC messaging with average latency under 400 nanoseconds.
  • WAN Distribution & Synchronization: Solace enables highly-optimized WAN distribution by sending information only where it’s needed, compressing messages and fanning out messages at the edge.
  • Web Streaming: Solace’s web messaging capability streams real-time data over the internet 50-200 times faster than competitive solutions.